Compulsory Auto Liability Insurance PDF Print

Compulsory Auto Liability Insurance has again become law in the Virgin Islands, which requires every registered vehicle to have auto liability coverage. The law, which was enacted pursuant to Act No. 6287 on August 17, 1999, went into effect on February 13, 2000. The law provides for a moving violation point system, which can increase insurance premiums and may also result in the suspension of a driver's license.

In buying auto insurance:
(1) Make sure the company is licensed to offer insurance in the Territory
(2) Shop around for the best possible rates
(3) Upon obtaining a policy, get your certificate of insurance, which should provide an explicit description of your vehicle, and the starting and ending dates of your coverage

Failure to carry motor vehicle liability insurance shall result in the following:

First offense: Fine not less than $250.00, nor more than $500.00

Subsequent offense: Fine not less than $500.00, nor more than $1,000.00, and forfeit the right to operate a motor vehicle for not less than thirty (30) days, or more than two (2) years from the date of conviction.