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August 8, 2014

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2013 Property Tax Bills to Be Issued in Coming Weeks

The Division of Real Property Tax will soon issue the 2013 real property tax bills to Virgin Islands property owners.  The 2013 bills are issued to all property owners of record as of January 1, 2013.    Property owners are advised to review their bills carefully, as they are based on new property values which reflect the result of recent assessments, or revaluations, that were conducted by the Tax Assessor’s Office. 

According to Tax Assessor Ira Mills, property owners should not assume that their bills will automatically increase because of the revaluations.  “Some property owners will see an increase in their property tax bills while some will see a decrease,” Mills states.  Property owners are encouraged to take advantage of the early payment discount period, which will be offered for 30 days after the bills are issued.

There are several factors that affect each taxpayer’s property tax bill, which are market value, the tax rate and statutory exemptions.   Exemptions, or credits, are available in the following categories:   General Homestead, Veterans, Seniors, Disabled, Class 1 Inheritance, Visitable Home and Tax Credit Circuit Breaker.  Although taxpayers can no longer apply for credits against the 2013 or 2014 bills, they can do so in advance of the 2015 bills. 

The tax rates for the 2013 property bills, as outlined in Act 6991, are: 

.004946 - Unimproved non-commercial real property
.003770 - Residential real property
.007110 - Commercial real property
.014070 - Timeshare real property

Consistent with past billings, the 2013 bill will also include information on unpaid tax years.  

Property owners who have not paid their 2012 or prior tax year bills are encouraged to contact the Tax Collector’s Office to make arrangements for payment.   Payments for all past due years can be made at the following locations:
St. John: Islandia Building
St. Thomas: Builders Emporium
St. Croix: 1105 King Street (Government House, Christiansted)
1131 King Street, Suite #101 (Christiansted)
4008 Est. Diamond (Dept. of Finance, Sunny Isles)
Lagoon Street Commercial Building No. 1 (Frederiksted)

The Tax Collector’s Office accepts checks, cash, money orders, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only), ATM and debit cards. 
Questions regarding delinquencies should be addressed to the Tax Collector’s office at (340)776-8505 on St. Thomas, 776-6737 on St. John, 773-1105 in Christiansted or 772-0120 at the Frederiksted Office.

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