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March 27, 2009

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GIS Technology from Lt. Governor’s Office Helps Advance Local Initiatives

The Office of Lieutenant Governor Gregory R. Francis has partnered with the Virgin Islands Bureau of Information Technology (BIT), Innovative Communications Corporation and the Water and Power Authority in an initiative that will upgrade customer databases of both utilities through the application of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology.  The GIS program, which is coordinated by the Lt. Governor’s Office, uses geographic data to advance areas of public safety, infrastructure planning and the preservation of natural resources.

In a meeting attended by representatives of Innovative, WAPA, IBM, BIT and members of the Virgin Islands Geospatial Information Council earlier this week, Lt. Governor Francis and GIS Coordinator, Dr. Theresa Anduze-Parris committed to provide the technology that will enable both WAPA and Innovative to map the addresses that are on file for customers.  According to Dr. Anduze-Parris, this information will facilitate quicker service responses and also help the companies to provide more accurate information of the impact to service in the event of a disaster.  “Parcel information collected through GIS technology would essentially support existing databases of customer information, help to standardize the data on file for customers and make sure that the addresses provided by the customer are correct,” she explained.

Standardization of the utilities’ customer databases is also expected to be a significant asset for emergency responders.  Information from these databases provides the address information for the E-911 system.  Accurate information could reduce response time of first responders. 

During the meeting, Lt. Governor Francis was also briefed on other GIS initiatives, which include working with the Department of Public Works on transportation planning.

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