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September 28, 2010

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Lt. Gov. Francis Visits William’s Delight;
Receives Update on Phase I of Roadway Improvement Project

The Lieutenant Governor Gregory R. Francis visited the Estate William’s Delight community in St. Croix today to receive updates on Phase I of the ongoing roadway improvements within the southwest section of the neighborhood. He was joined by Public Works Assistant Commissioner Roberto Cintron as they walked throughout the area, and spoke with contractors, workers and residents about the road repair efforts currently in progress.

“I want to especially thank the people of William’s Delight for their patience as we complete the excavations and continue paving these roads,” Lt. Governor Francis said. “This is a major repair and improvement effort that, once complete, will ensure the area is better safeguarded from flooding problems and other concerns that have existed here for years.”

The work being undertaken consists of excavating the roadways and replacing the existing clay soil with a suitable base. As part of this effort, the contractor (GEC, LLC) is also working on upgrading the water lines along the roadways and will continue the installation of concrete curbs and gutters, according to Public Works Assistant Commissioner Roberto Cintron.

Cintron added that progress on the project has been slowed by the recent weather conditions, which caused 45 rain delays in 90 days, as well as from numerous water leaks encountered during the excavation due to the aging infrastructure in place. As a result, the Department of Public Works has opted to replace the water lines from ductile iron to C900 PVC to reduce the possibility of leaking lines after the roads are paved.

Lt. Governor Francis, however, noted the progress and commended the work that has already been completed, including paving and drainage work to Church Street West, Church Street Loop South and approximately 75 percent of Church Avenue.

“With any project, there are going to be unforeseen complications, but I am extremely satisfied at the incredible amount of work that we have been able to complete despite the setback,” he said. “This Administration is committed to seeing this project finished and ensuring that the people of William’s Delight have safe roadways with efficient drainage and an updated infrastructure.”

The Department of Public Works anticipates that Phase II of the William’s Delight roadway improvements will go out for bid in October.


Lt. Governor Francis, along with Asst. Commissioner Roberto Cintron (left) of Public Works descend into a manhole to speak to the media about ongoing roadway and infrastructure improvement project in Estate William’s Delight on St. Croix.


Lt. Governor Francis and Public Works Asst. Commissioner Roberto Cintron receive updates from a local contractor as they view the progress on the ongoing roadway and infrastructure improvement project in Estate William’s Delight on St. Croix.

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