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Lieutenant Governor Gregory R. Francis  recently visited the Willliam’s Delight community in Frederiksted, St. Croix to monitor the progress of ongoing road repairs in that neighborhood.  Francis was joined by Public Works Assistant Commissioner Roberto Cintron.   Francis and Cintron met with Phyllis Blackmon, president of the William’s Delight Homeowners Association and Paul Payne, president of the Castle Burke Homeowners Association to discuss the status of the work being done by the Department of Public Works.
Francis’ and Cintron’s visit to the William’s Delight community is part of an ongoing effort to monitor the extensive road work that has been taking place in the area.   They addressed questions pertaining to the road paving, better coordination with WAPA and Waste Management and resident’s access to driveways.  According to Cintron, it is difficult to do work in fully built out communities.  “It is a big effort, but it has started well,” he said. 
Both Cintron and Lt. Governor Francis encouraged residents of William’s Delight to call the Department of Public Works with their concerns.




l-r, Lt. Governor Francis, Phyllis Blackman, Paul Payne and DPW Assistant Commissioner Roberto Cintron.

Local media documented the visit to the William’s Delight community.

Paul Payne, President of the Castle Burke Homeowners Association, shares his reasons for supporting the William’s Delight Association.

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