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March 4, 2010

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Lt. Governor’s Office Partners with Sen. Craig Barshinger
in Advancing Street Addressing Project

As part of advancing the implementation of street addressing throughout the territory, representatives from the Office of the Lieutenant Governor and the Virgin Islands Geospatial Information Council (VIGIC) have met with Senator Craig Barshinger, a staunch advocate for greater use of GPS technology in the territory.

Raymond J. Williams, Chief of Staff for the Office of the Lt. Governor, is pleased to announce that the Lt. Governor’s Office will partner with Sen. Barshinger in this ground-breaking initiative that will establish a consistent and comprehensive addressing system for public roads throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands.  “We are pleased that Senator Barshinger has committed his support of this project and his intent to work in tandem with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, VIGIC, and our partners in moving this project forward.” The street naming and addressing project continues the work begun by the Department of Public Works in the 1990s.  The Department of Public Works continues to be a major contributor to the initiative begun by the Office of the Lieutenant Governor last year.

Sen. Barshinger’s support is based on his belief that the project will ultimately save lives and improve public safety, as first responders would no longer have to rely solely on using local landmarks for directions.  He has pledged to work with the LGO in crafting legislation germane to the street naming and addressing initiative, as well as in indentifying funding needed to support the project.   Both parties agree that the next step will be to reach out to all communities across the Virgin Islands to solicit street name recommendations for their specific communities.  This phase of the project is scheduled to begin within the next two months. 

LGO Chief of Staff Raymond J. Williams is encouraging community organizations to get involved in the street naming project.  “We invite organized communities to start working towards this goal, so that when we sound the clarion call, they will be ready.”


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