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Division of Real Property
Office of the Lieutenant Governor

The Tax Collector’s Office is a unit of the Division of Real Property Tax, Office of the Lieutenant Governor.  This Office was created through legislation enacted in December 2007 (Act 6976), which transferred the collection of real property taxes from the Department of Finance to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor. 
The passage of Act 6976 successfully housed real property assessments and collections under one agency.  The merging of the two areas has led to lead to greater efficiency, accountability and transparency relative to the collection of property taxes.

In addition to collecting the territory’s real property taxes, the Tax Collector’s Office also issues property tax clearance letters, enforces real property tax payments, updates all real property tax collection records and manages the auction of properties that are delinquent in the payment of property taxes.


Persons doing business with the Tax Collector Offices can be served at multiple locations throughout the territory.  Tax Clearance letter requests can be made only at the St. John, St. Thomas, Sunny Isle (St. Croix) and Frederiksted (St. Croix) locations. 
PAYMENT of Property Tax Bills
Payment of property tax bills issued by the Virgin Islands Government can be made in person at any of the Tax Collector Offices. 




Builders Emporium
52E E2A Estate Thomas
Phone (340)776-8505

Islandia Building
18-23 Enighed, Cruz Bay
Phone (340)776-6737

1105 King Street (Government House, Christiansted)
Phone (340)773-6449
1131 King Street, Suite #101 (Christiansted)
Phone (340)773-6459

4008 Est. Diamond (Dept. of Finance, Sunny Isles)
Phone (340)773-1105

100 Lagoon Street Complex, Suite 5 (Frederiksted)
Phone (340)772-0120

Taxpayers can also mail their payment to:

The Tax Collector’s Office accepts checks, cash, money orders, ATM, debit and credit cards (Visa and Mastercard only) REFUND POLICY  



Tax Clearance Letter                  $25.00

Copy of Tax Bill                         $2.00

Copy of Paid Tax Bill                  $4.00

Status Sheet                             $15.00

CLICK HERE to download a Tax Clearance Letter Request Form.

Property Tax Delinquency Listing -March 29,2017

10 facts about Property Tax Auctions    

The Tax Collector’s Office manages the auction of real properties in the Virgin Islands that are determined to be delinquent in the payment of property taxes. Property owners  in delinquent payment status are encouraged to bring their property taxes current by contacting the Tax Collector’s Office in their respective district to make arrangements for payment or to enter into an installment agreement.  

The auction of delinquent properties is conducted in accordance with Title 33 of the Virgin Islands Code

Notice of Delinquent Property Sales


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Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Property Tax Collection Division
5049 Kongens Gade, No. 18
Charlotte Amalie, VI  00802-6487


Office of the Lieutenant Governor
Property Tax Collection Division
4008 Est. Diamond
Sunny Isle Center
Christiansted, VI  00823-4436