GIS Program

The GIS Program operates as a subdivision of the Tax Assessor’s Office in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.  GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, has been identified as one of the basic building blocks of technology offerings.  The GIS program works closely with all agencies of the Government of the Virgin Islands and other local and federal partners to build, improve and maintain our geographical information system and to ensure the integrity of spatial information that is available.

The GIS program is proud to work with the following partners:

Virgin Islands Geospatial Information Council (VIGIC)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
United States Geological Survey (USGS)
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Census Bureau
University of the Virgin Islands (UVI)
US Coast Guard

Our goal is to deploy GIS for major projects and collectively improve the delivery of services to residents and businesses.  This will be done by

1. Continued maintenance of GIS data (parcel, footprint, major road and estate layers);
2. Establishing appropriate data security;
3. Establishing a staffing strategy;
4. Development of  an online portal access to GIS data; and
5. Maintaining an outreach strategy by continuous hosting of the GIS Conference and other informational workshops.

To date, data collected by the GIS program has been used to advance the following initiatives:

E911 – Territorial Wide System Upgrade Project
VITEMA – Disaster Recovery Projects
DPNR – Zoning and Land Usage GIS Projects
VI Police Department – Traffic Records Projects
HIDTA – Response Coordination Upgrade Project
US CENSUS Bureau – Conversion of Census Data Collection GIS Project
VI Housing Finance Authority – Housing Analysis Project
Department of Public Works – Comprehensive Transportation Master Plan 2030
WAPA – Customer Database Upgrade Initiative Project
VI National Guard – Statistical Analysis Project