Recorder of Deeds

Welcome to the Recorder of Deeds Office where we take pleasure in serving you. Our motto is: “You are not an interruption to our business you are our business.” The Office of the Recorder of Deeds, which has two Districts (St. Croix and St. Thomas-St. John) operates under the supervision of the Lieutenant Governor, who exercises jurisdiction over the filing and recording of deeds and other instruments relative to real property.

The Recorder of Deeds office is responsible for recording all property deeds, mortgages, personal liens, tax liens, and other miscellaneous documents against individuals and property owners.

The Recorder of Deeds performs the duty of recording documents as outlined in Title 33, Section 2362 of the Virgin Islands Code. This section of the law provides for the transfer of real property or interest therein, mortgages and other securities for debt secured by real property.

*NOTE:  Virgin Islands Notary Act 8542 requires two witnesses.  No notary public may serve as both a subscribing witness and the notary public on a deed or other document of conveyance. A notarial act performed in violation of this subsection is void and may be rejected by the Recorder of Deeds.