Property Tax Delinquency List



As of July 15, 2021

The records of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor indicate that the property owners listed below are delinquent on their payment of taxes. This list of property taxes for tax years 2015 and prior years is being published pursuant to Virgin Islands Code Title 33 Section 2496, which states: “the Lieutenant Governor shall publish the names of all delinquent real property tax owners once in a different newspaper of general circulation in each island district, and such publication shall be deemed notice to the taxpayer of the impending sale of the real property at public auction.” … “Unless such delinquent taxes and public sewer system user fees, together with the interest provided for by Virgin Islands Code Title 33 section 2494, are paid within a period of 30 days from the publication date of the said notice, the property of the taxpayer will be attached.”

Attachment of your property means that the Government of the Virgin Islands will place a lien on your property.   In accordance with Virgin Islands Code Title 33 Section 2546, “After the levy of attachment, the Lieutenant Governor shall proceed to advertise the property for sale.”

PLEASE NOTE: All properties, residential, commercial and timeshares, for which property taxes are owed for the years 2015 and prior, will be scheduled for auction sale if payment of property taxes is not received or if an Installment Payment Plan is not arranged within 30 days of this publication. Property Owners on this listing who pay their delinquent taxes or enter into Installment Payment Plans will be removed from the delinquency listing. Installment Payment Plans MUST be maintained in a current payment status to avoid being included in the auction sale process.

Parcel owners owing delinquent taxes for tax years after 2015 are also urged to pay all delinquent taxes or enter into an Installment Payment Plan to avoid being placed on future publications. If you dispute your parcel being listed or if your name appears on this list but you have paid all delinquent taxes or if you have an active Installment Payment Plan that is in current payment status, please contact the Office of the Tax Collector at (340) 774-2991 in the District of St. Thomas/St. John, or (340) 773-6449 in the District of St. Croix. Current and delinquent property taxes may be paid online at

Owner of Record as of January 1, 2021 Parcel ID Reference Estimated Total Due
#1 BETSY’S JEWEL INC 2-02300-0105-00 $3,406.88
#6 JODE, INC. 1-05302-2616-00 $7,568.62
10,000 HELPERS OF ST. CROIX INC. 4-07601-1205-00 $928.86
1850 CORP 2-02601-0106-00 $756.38
2W NAZARETH LLC 1-07703-0261-00 $32,478.12
3P INC 1-05303-0706-00 $25,819.82
A & A MORTGAGE SPECIALIST LLC 1-05402-1035-CI $190.97
A & J MEAT MARKET & GROCERY 3-08101-1803-02 $7,704.34
A M G INC 2-04602-0102-00 $4,693.99
A R T ENTERPRISES LLC 2-05200-0346-00 $5,332.28
A. CHRISTIAN, ELROY 2-05309-0138-00 $2,309.77
AARON, RUDOLPH & OTHERS 4-07609-0336-00 $894.25
ABAMAR HOUSING & DEV INC 2-06600-0191-00 $677.29
ABBOTT, ROLSTON 1-01301-0313-00 $1,113.76
ABDALLAH, AHMAD, KHETAM & KHALID 2-04700-0400-T4 $7,593.55
ABDALLAH, ISSA 2-03400-0300-A2 $2,383.58
ABDALLAH, JANETTE & WAJEEH F 2-01409-0112-00 $455.50
ABDALLAH, WAJEEH 2-06704-0607-00 $3,480.07
ABDALLEH, HAKAM MOHOMMOND & 2-04516-0211-00 $2,777.26
ABDELHAK, TAMER 1-05402-1035-WG $219.29
ABEEL, THOMAS K. & JANETTE A. 1-05402-1042-GR $855.98
ABOTT, MILTON & MARJORIE 1-05803-0233-00 $2,923.35
ABOUSEIF, MAHER S. & AIDA A. GORGY 1-07302-0281-XX $726.99
ABRAHAM, EARLE JR. & OTHERS 1-02501-0103-00 $1,504.29
ABRAHAM, G. & WILCOX, I 1-05301-0825-00 $9,563.00
ABRAHAM, GLADYS & WILCOX, IRIS 1-05201-0498-01 $265.77
ABRAHAM, GLADYS A. & OTHERS 1-05201-0446-00 $14,732.24
ABRAHAM, IAN & ERNICE 1-07701-0516-00 $1,839.76
ABRAHAM, MALOUF N. & THERESE B. 1-05402-1041-AB $1,354.17
ABRAHAM, OSWIN 1-02501-0102-00 $956.10
ABRAHAM, OSWIN & M. A 1-05604-0238-00 $1,910.30
ABRAHAM, RONALD & VIDA 1-05201-0610-04 $526.92
ABRAHAM, SYLVIA & OTHERS 1-02402-0103-00 $14,891.45
ABRAMS, JAMES 3-04104-0210-00 $5,019.85
ABRAMS, JIMMY 3-04104-0208-00 $5,888.17
ABRAMSON, IRENE 1-05201-0330-00 $961.17
ABRAMSON, LAWRENCE & CAROL 1-05402-1039-NG $1,730.86
ABRAMSON, LESLIE 2-06504-0105-00 $168.78
ABRAMSON, RUPERT R 4-07613-0403-00 $7,052.34
ABSHER SR., CHARLIE 1-05402-1036-CL $1,535.35
ABSHER, CHARLIE A 1-05402-1040-CJ $1,581.42
ABTS, RONALD & THERESA 1-05402-1032-KH $947.35
ABUBAKER, EVARISTE & URSULA 4-07815-0162-00 $8,833.88
ABUSAOUD, MUSTAFA 1-05301-0989-00 $426.60
AC EQUITIES LLC 3-03901-0212-00 $20,710.93
ACACIA PROPERTIES LP 2-03000-0459-00 $51,317.53
ACKER, FRED 1-05402-1032-EE $2,372.31
ACKERMAN, STEVEN N. & JACQUELINE 1-07302-0272-ZJ $329.25

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