Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why do I have to submit original documents (birth certificate, naturalization certificate, marriage certificate, adoption decrees, etc.)?

The agency must receive these documents in its original format or a certified copy bearing a seal from the agency from which it was issued in order to authenticate the document. These documents will be returned when the passport is issued.


  • Must both parents be present when submitting an application for minors under 16?

Yes, the law requires that both parents give consent to the issuance of a passport for minors under the age of 16.  For special circumstances such as an absent parent, a DS-3053 (Parental Consent Form) or a notarized statement from the absent parent would be needed.  For other circumstances, please speak to an agent.


  • Why do children have to be present when applying for a passport?

The law requires all children be present and identified by an acceptance agent in order to enhance the accurate identification of applicants and aid in the prevention of child abduction and substitution.


  • Can applications be submitted online?

No, but applications can be filled out online, printed with a barcode, and submitted to any U.S. Passport Office.


  • Can I mail in the passport application myself?

Applicants utilizing the following forms may submit their applications by mail:

·       DS-4085 “Application for Additional Visa Pages”

·       DS-5504 “Passport Re-Application Form”

·       DS-82 “Passport Renewal Application” (For use by renewing adults only.  However, it is strongly encouraged to submit renewal applications at any U.S. Passport Office.      Applicants utilizing form DS-11 “Passport Application” must submit their application in person with required documentation(s).


  • How do I check the status of my application?

There are three options for doing status checks. ·       877-487-2778 or (TDD/TTY 1-888-874-7793) ·       email at  or ·       online at


  • How long do I have to wait before receiving my passport?

Generally passports take about four weeks to six weeks for processing, but can vary depending on the time of year and the increasing workload of the issuing agency.


  • Can the process be expedited?

Yes, with an extra fee of $60.00 per application, a check or money order for $14.85 and one express mail stamp, the process usually takes about two to three weeks or less, but can also vary depending on the season and the workload.


  • Do you offer senior citizen discounts?

No, at this time the Department of State does not offer senior discounts.


  • How can I add visa pages or amend my passport if it is still valid?

To add visa pages to a valid passport, bearers can fill out and submit DS-4085 and their valid passport to place additional pages inside the passport if they run out of pages at any time during the life of the book, the fee for this process is $82.00.   To amend a name, bearers must fill out DS-5504 and submit original/certified copy of marriage certificate/divorce decree/court order and the passport if it is less than one year old at no cost. However if it is over one year old, submit the above documents and the passport will be renewed by filling out form DS-82 “Passport Renewal Application” along with a fee of $110.00.