I extend greetings in observance of the holy week to the entire Virgin Islands community. Traditionally observed as holidays throughout the Territory, the upcoming days provide great historic and religious significance.

In reverence of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter, we recognize the importance of unwavering faith. During these current times we are all faced with challenges and uncertainties. I am reminded that this too shall pass, as we put fear behind us and let faith lead the way.

The strength of the Virgin Islands lies in its people, and that strength is demonstrated by the faith and resilience that we display no matter how difficult times may get. We say with pride and conviction that we are VI Strong, because it remains an underlying factor of who we are as a people. We are a diverse community filled with many beliefs. I appreciate the various practices that our residents share. There is strength in our diversity.

This week will be observed differently from the traditional services and activities that many of our residents participate in and attend, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The stay at home order is still in effect and as a result, places of worship, beaches and campgrounds, and family get-togethers will be impacted by the health guidelines that prohibit large gatherings and require social distancing.  

Despite the shift in our daily norm, we still have memories that we can reflect on and which can sustain us during this difficult time. There is much to be grateful for as we still recognize our blessings and keep faith for a brighter tomorrow.

Together we will overcome the obstacles and remain strong.