Lieutenant Governor Tregenza A. Roach Esq. in a Wednesday live stream announcement, informed residents of the launch of the St. John Street Addressing Initiative (SAI) Bridge Phase. A re-play of the Lieutenant Governor’s announcement can be found on the Office of the Lieutenant Governor- US Virgin Islands Facebook Page and on the Government Access Channel.

The Office of the Lieutenant Governor’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division leads the charge of this initiative which will create an addressing system for the Virgin Islands that provides for a clear, logical, and navigable system of street addresses based on established national standards.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to launch this project on St. John which was temporarily placed on hold due to COVID-19. Resuming the Street Addressing Initiative provides us with a sense of returning to some normalcy as we can now move forward with the necessary work of this initiative. We recognize that even in a time like this there are still essential services and important projects that we must bring to fruition,” said Lieutenant Governor Roach.

Field crews are scheduled to begin work on November 9, 2020 in designated areas of Great Cruz Bay, Chocolate Hole, Bethany, San Soucci & Guinea Gut, Bellevue, Glucksberg, Gifft Hill, Pastory, Grunwald, and Susannaberg.

“Stakeholders and residents of these areas will see field crews collecting data for the standardized street addressing grid system. It is important to note that traffic will not be affected by the field crews and team members will not need to enter your homes. The teams will be identified by a marked car, wearing specific identification lanyards and crew uniforms. All necessary precautions are in place to keep field crews and residents safe,” said Lieutenant Governor Roach.

“I am delighted by the possibility that due to its size and unique circumstances, that St. John may be the first island completed with a nationally standardized street addressing grid system. This will serve as a great component for St. John and they would lead the Virgin Islands in this endeavor,” said Lieutenant Governor Roach.

An information packet will be left on the door of all residences, buildings, and dwelling units, which will include the new address and official letters from core stakeholders. Residents are asked to secure this information and are encouraged to call the designated Street Addressing Initiative contact number should they have any questions or concerns at 340-693-6191 or send an email to: