I join the entire Virgin Islands in extending sincere congratulations to the Class of 2020 Graduates! There is no doubt that you have been faced with challenges unknown to others who have preceded you. Yet you have succeeded in your goals despite the COVID 19 pandemic which, in so many ways, has changed the world.

Confronted with daily uncertainties and the resulting anxieties, you remained steadfast and focused. Each of you, as members of the Class of 2020, rose to the occasion to succeed. This was in no way an easy task, neither can your circumstances be minimized or overlooked. We celebrate you on this great accomplishment.

As you commemorate this milestone, I encourage each of you to continue on your path to greatness. Excellence lies ahead of you in your future endeavors. You may encounter some speedbumps and other obstacles along the way, but you can overcome them. Your commitment, resilience, and determination will continue to take you to higher heights.

Class of 2020, you are the future. You are the next leaders for us and for the nation. I wish you all the best in your aspirations. Continue to dream and set goals for yourself. Do not lose hope and always have faith.

Your virtual high school graduations serve as historic and unique ceremonies to be remembered. Although they may differ to what we have become accustomed, they do not lack value or significance. You should all feel tremendous pride and enjoy this distinct honor to the fullest. We are all proud of you and celebrate your graduation with the full pomp and circumstance that it deserves.

Continue to be blessed in all aspects of your daily lives. Congratulations!