Lieutenant Governor Tregenza A. Roach, Esq., who also serves as the Territory’s Commissioner of Insurance, and who was appointed by the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands as Ancillary Receiver of Real Legacy Assurance Company after the company was declared insolvent, reminds the public that the extended deadline to file claims for Virgin Islands claimants ends on Friday, May 17, 2019.

Lieutenant Governor Roach had earlier petitioned the Domiciliary Receiver for additional time to file a Proof of Claim Form by Virgin Islands claimants. That request was approved by the Superior Court in Puerto Rico.

Lieutenant Governor Roach encourages Real Legacy Assurance policy holders to file their claims on or by the deadline date to recover any losses that occurred while covered by Real Legacy.

Claims may be filed by contacting the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, Division of Banking, Insurance and Financial Regulation at 340-774-7166 on St. Thomas at Nisky Center, Second Floor, and at 340-773-6459 on St. Croix at 1131 King Street in Christiansted, and at the Tax Assessor Office in St. John at 340-776-6737.