SALARY: $51,038.82 • $53,622.66 Annually
DEPARTMENT: Office of the Lieutenant Governor­ STTI
LOCATION:  St.Thomas/ St. John, VI
JOB NUMBER:  201903745
OPENING DATE:  07/14/2023
CLOSING DATE:   7/28/2023 11:59 PM Atlantic (Canada)




This is a standard position description which Includes responsibility for devising and Improving automated systems, formulating project recommendation, analyzing and investigating various systems problems and questions, and establishing program specification

Duties and Responsibilities


Provides onsite technical advice to management and operating personnel on matters relating to data processing application systems.

Determines causes of unexpected computer stoppage due to data error, machine malfunction, system or program routine error.

Receives, controls, and Incorporates into existing systems, all re- assembled programs and• modifications. Assists in program testing processes. Meets frequently with programmers and testing specialists to coordinate work and resolve problems.

Analyzes requests for new programs and for modifications of existing programs. Determines how a system should be organized, the number and kinds of records, flies, and documents required, the procedures to obtain and organize information to be processed. Makesrecommendations as to whether or not work process Should be automated. Identifies relationships, sequences and internal logic to beused. Codes, tests, debug, coordinates implementation and documents the applications.

Develops Instructions and/or temporary operational procedures as may be required to facilitate continuity of operations pending final resolution of problems which require action beyond local resource capability.

Monitors program operation and devises recovery plans for system failure situations. Resolve a wide variety of problems which arecaused, for example by data errors, operator errors, machine malfunction, program errors. Traces and isolates causes of problem in hardware, error in program logic and code.

Writes Program Requirement Packages , converts files from old to new formats, with systems acceptability testing, and other phases of project development .

Participates as data processing expert on special studies and task forces requiring computer system expertise.


May be required to work other than prime shift and wlll be required to performed computer operator duties during emergency situations


Minimum Qualifications


Graduation from a recognized college or university with courses In mathematics, statistics, and automatic data processing or accounting supplemented by successful completion of a course in system design and analysis. and two (2) years experience Insystem design and analysis. Knowledge of two (2) programming languages. one of which must be applicable to the agency assigned:


High School diploma or its equivalent and eight(8) years’ of progressive experience In data processing which includes one

(1) year in systems design and analysis supplemented by successful completion of a course in system design and analysis..

Position Factors


Knowledge of system analysis and design techniques, pertinent characteristics of system software, and computer equipment requirements in order to perform complex studies to advise management of the merits of proposed ADP applications. Such knowledge and skill are generally used to analyze, evaluate and make recommendations on a major aspects of a project such as what equipment configuration is most appropriate. The incumbent devises or Sets forth alternative. weighs their cost/benefit and makes prescribed documentation and reports to management on results of studies and recommendations.

Knowledge of programming and analysis techniques to serve as a system monitor or trouble shooter involving problem solving and devising recovery plans for system failure situations. Ability to take necessary action to restore operations and collaborate with other management personnel to effect changes needed in programs.

Knowledge of file designs, computer related control procedures skill in modifying existing systems and ability to formulate programming specifications for new systems and special projects.

Knowledge of structured analysis, design and programming techniques in order to design structures program modules and write code in conformance with required computer service techniques.


Supervision is provided by a higher level officer. Incumbent is responsible for problem resolution of all developed programmed systems. Several programs are assigned as the employee’s continuing responslbillty for analysis, maintenance, modification, and enhancement. Special projects are assigned in terms of overall objectives.

The Supervisor consults with the employee to determine acceptable time frames and to identify resources required. The incumbent is responsible for planning and carrying out the work, resolving some of the conflicts that arise. and interpreting policy in terms of established objectives. Periodically the supervisor is informed of progress. Work is reviewed for soundness ofrecommendations, achievements, desired results, compliance with established policy, applicable regulations and overall program effectiveness.


Guidelines consists of agency ADP standards, legislation, and existing systems which serve as useful models. The guidelines available are broad and general in nature, causing the incumbent to use much Judgment and Ingenuity in interpreting and adapting them to specific situation. In those Instances, here guides are nonexistent, the computer systems analyst must draw upon

Dividual experience and knowledge to make sound and logical decision which are compatible with the overall philosophy of the agency.


The work Includes a wide variety of unrelated assignments including system analysis, program development, problem resolution system implementation projects which may involve local and territorial needs concerning revisions or expansion of existing program requiring substantialanalysis. The work is characterized by a considerable need for analyzing and resolving systemic and software problems, and developing new computer processing applications as managers’ requests. The employee often has to •Work with conflicting or insufficient data and take differentapproaches to resolve problems to determine what must be changed In existing programs and to predict the effect of these changes on the ADPSystems. In assisting management on new applications, consideration must be given to probable future changes In systems designand equipment currently being used in locations such as the computer operations room and remote office site both on St.Thomas -m d St. Croix.


The Scope of the work requires the incumbent to be directly involved with the responsibility for systems which are critical and essential to the overall operations of the agency.

The Effects of the work Involves Implementing ADP applications and resolving critical systems and operational problems, formulating project recommendations, analyzing various problems and questions, and establishing programming specifications.


In addition to contacts with personnel of the agency, there will be contacts with equipment vendors’ representatives and computer personnel from other

Government Agencies.


Contacts are to exchange technical information and coordinate recommended advice on work effort. In addition, the employee Informally arbitrates between various users of the system who frequently requests modifications that conflict with or will cause adjustments to procedures of other users. The incumbent also negotiates with customer engineers when there are disagreements on responsibility for problem resolutlon.


Work as sedentary. Normal use of all physical senses is required.

Work may be required to be performed on other than the normal shift on a temporary basis.


The work Is performed in an office setting. Travel may be required throughout the territory on all three (3) Islands.



Government of the Virgin Islands


United States, Territorywide, U.S. Virgin Islands , 00802