In celebration of Liberty Day, we recognize the legacy and impact of David Hamilton Jackson on the U.S. Virgin Islands. As a trailblazer, he spent his life advocating for the rights and civil liberties of the people of the Territory. On this day, November 1st, we honor him and his vast achievements that are a profound part of our history.

In a time of oppression, Jackson displayed both courage and valor in leading the fight against unfair labor conditions and inadequate wages. He was successful in establishing the first labor union, through which he gave workers a voice, and a means to exert more economic influence.

Liberty Day serves as a day of commemoration as we reflect on the progressive developments and advances of D. Hamilton Jackson. A common practice of partaking in bull and bread on this day dates back to the early 1900s when Jackson was instrumental in creating The Herald newspaper. His efforts of traveling to Denmark to bring about the repeal of the prohibition of independent newspapers was successful and widely celebrated.

Jackson continued to demonstrate his professional commitment and standard of excellence as a lawyer, politician, and judge. In these distinguished roles, he was able to effect change on the judicial system of the Virgin Islands in the areas of justice and equality. He will forever be recognized as a great stalwart of our time and a staple in Virgin Islands history.

Happy D. Hamilton Jackson Day!