I join a deeply saddened Virgin Islands community in extending condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones of Mr. Athniel “Addie” Ottley. I offer to them a prayer for comfort, strength, and for the gift of God’s grace during this difficult time.  

The embodiment of an outstanding Virgin Islander, Mr. Ottley distinguished himself as a leader, consummate professional, and public servant. Throughout his career he demonstrated a standard of excellence and commitment to serving others which he did with distinction as both a member of the Virgin Islands Legislature and as the Territory’s second Lieutenant Governor.   

Each day at work I pass by a photo of Mr. Ottley which marks his time as Lieutenant Governor of the Virgin Islands. I am reminded each time that these are the sturdy pillars upon whose shoulders we stand in the move forward. In their memory we must strive to bring greatness to this place, to serve as they have with purposefulness, integrity, abiding love, and compassion. 

As an icon and media giant, Mr. Ottley possessed an innate skill set that allowed him to connect with listeners and establish a legacy that was a staple in our community for decades. The Addie Ottley morning show on WSTA 1340AM was recognized as the #1 radio program in the Virgin Islands, and widely listened to on the U.S. Mainland and throughout the Caribbean.  

Mr. Ottley captivated listeners daily and left a lasting impact on their lives. His love for media and communications also placed him at the forefront of his own weekly television program which he produced and hosted called Face to Face. Listening to Mr. Ottley on WSTA or watching him on WTJX was a common practice for me. Mr. Ottley distinguished himself in a league of trusted, talented, and diverse media personalities by providing a perfect blend of information, appeal, and credibility.  

As a Senator, his unwavering dedication and achievements left a lasting impact on the Territory. Leadership was an innate quality of Mr. Ottley, and his contributions as Lieutenant Governor fostered improvements to public policy. His passion for making a difference was evident in all his endeavors.  

Following his years in public office, he remained steadfast in helping others through his ongoing involvement in civic and community organizations, and with the establishment of Ottley Communications. More than just a radio station, Ottley Communications was a platform for the people, that always put Virgin Islanders first. 

Mr. Ottley was undeniably a stalwart of Virgin Islands pride. He leaves a legacy that will be remembered and cherished. May he rest in eternal peace.